Don’t Bury It!

I'm sure many of you assumed I had either died or had given up blogging. Well, neither is true!

After experiencing much healing from the disease I suffered with last year, the Lord put me to work immediately! I have loved every second of the opportunity I have been given to lead a team in  ministry out of  Georgia and to continue to write about my Best Friend and Savior - Jesus Christ. Just this past week I took a bit of a step backwards in the "health" department. I'm not sure whether it is because I have been "trying to eat the elephant" in one big gulp or if the secondary disease I now have - Myasthenia Gravis - is messing with my body. Nevertheless, today as I rest more than I normally do on a Saturday, the Lord is showing me a bend in the road He has had me traveling. I can't imagine that winning a marathon, climbing a mountain or winning the Indy 500 could be anywhere near as exciting as knowing the Lord is speaking to and guiding you! Sometimes we take a job that we have been given and we do it reasonably well. Unfortunately, too often we don't take ownership of that job and make it better. We don't think about the next person who will step into our shoes one day or how raising our standards of doing the job could potentially change an entire organization! We just "maintain" or "manage" what we have been entrusted with.  I don't believe that is God's way! Six months ago I thought He put me in a management position to raise the level of efficiency and effectiveness in every day operations.  That is being acccomplished, but  I think I missed the other half of why He placed me in this position. I can't  help but think of the parable in the New Testament that talks about the Master who gave 5 talents to one servant, 2 talents to a second and 1 talent to a third person. The first two servants "grew" their talents and multiplied what they had been given. This pleased the Master greatly.  The third servant just maintained; he didn't take any risks and certainly no initiative.  He didn't care about the business as a whole; he cared only about hanging onto his job. He would come to work every day and make sure the talent was still buried in the same spot. I don't believe that the Lord healed me so I would simply maintain anything! He wants me to grow something for Him!  I believe it is critical to know one's purpose in life. But we Christians don't have to meditate, write out possibilities or even get several opinions based on geographic, skill or education levels.  Jesus clearly laid out His vision/purpose for us. We are to spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth - and we can do that whether we are sweeping floors, the CEO of some huge company, or a missionary in a developing country. Now, our mission? That's different. How we are going to do the "vision" is something we each must mediate, pray over, fast and carefully listen for.  Although my first reaction when asked to work with a ministry staff was "I don't think so!" It has already become a blessing in a couple of areas:
  • First: The people on staff are "divine" appointments for me. He assigned me to love them - even when iron sharpening iron is necessary.
  • Second: He wants me to help them take their talent and show them how they can multiply it. I did get this part of my mission right six months ago.
What I didn't catch onto until recently was that He is still working on me in the "multiply" talent area! I was not to take this position and "manage" or "bury" this position by keeping everything and everyone safe and sound. I really missed it on the "management" side!  What good is there in keeping the status quo? None! The truth is that I never had any intention of managing anything other than myself over these past few years.  But God has a unique sense of humor and He never lets anything go to waste. He is a God you can't put in a box and He won't let you live in a box for very long either!  Why tell you? Because I want to be accountable - not just to the President of the ministry - but to those of you that I have shared my many challenges with in the past. Periodically, I want to share some major risk taken that the Lord has blessed or perhaps a risk taken that failed. I believe that when motives are right, God can even use failure to bring a blessing. If you happen to be bored with your job, or feel that you can longer grow in the company or business you are in, I thought my next journey might be an encouragement. It might be an encouragement of what NOT  to do as well as what does work. lol! By the way, this is not about building a name or reputation for myself. If I put a selfish spin on anything the Lord leads me into, it becomes damaged and it won't last. I'm so blessed to be 67 years old; if I were 37 I would still be trying to "make a name" for myself. In this season of life, I want to make a difference that builds the Kingdom of God both here on earth and for eternity. No, I'm not holy or wonderful or any of the words we use when someone says they are all about Jesus. I wish I were about Him every day and every minute of the day! Honestly, it is a struggle to keep me out of the picture - even at my age. That's what God is doing in my life - and perhaps it is what He is doing in yours too.  Take the place He has you in right now - work, retirement, family, neighborhood - and be an influence for Him. When I am gone some day, I don't want to be missed because I baked the most beautiful wedding cakes, or wrote the most heart-felt articles, or authored any books. I want to be missed because a piece of Jesus people had access to through me is no longer present.   Have a "thankful" Thanksgiving! We have so much to be grateful for; we are saved, loved, guided and comforted by the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!
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2 Responses to Don’t Bury It!

  1. Kathy Rasmussen says:

    A real word in due season for me right now. Thank you, Lana, for being obedient to write what the Lord is showing you. Oh, and we miss you and Ed and need to get together soon!

  2. Sherri Lee says:

    Good word! That has been what I have been praying…make me a good influence to others of the witness of Jesus in me. God has had me overcoming this year, the jubilee year of 50. It feels good because I know He is doing something in me for others to see. May your health return with double portion. If you are interested in sustained good nutrition, look at my website above. God has multiplied my health as I have given my body, mind and soul what it needs. Blessings on your week!

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