About Me

Lana M. Lombardi was the first Woman Agency Manager for one of the largest insurance companies; a recruiter for the financial services industry and Vice President of an International Training Organization. She is also self-employed as a personal business coach, writer and speaker in both secular and Christian circles – not to mention a mother, grandmother and wife. Lana is truly a renaissance woman for the 21st century. Over the years this multi-talented woman has made her mark wherever she sets her foot. With an innate desire for excellence she has positively impacted many as she pours her heart and soul into every endeavor. Her life’s journey has taken her down many paths, from Europe to the Middle East and Mexico to Southeast Asia. But she would tell you that none have been as rewarding as the road travelled since retirement from corporate life. While she has accumulated many letters behind her name in the financial services industry which tell of her expertise, nothing gives her more pleasure than her writing and speaking to women and teens about life lived from the inside out. While writing feature articles for the local paper – Capon Valley Chronicle - she developed a large following for her “Why Me Lord” columns. They touch the hearts of both men and women regardless of denomination. That column is now distributed all around the country via the Internet. Lana’s passion is to encourage and teach women and teens how to live an abundant and fulfilling life with God in charge. She knows from personal experience that God wastes nothing . . . regardless of where we have been. Lana is truly a “Renaissance Woman”! By: Ed Lombardi