I am available to speak to any women's group that will result in encouragement. My personal testimony is powerful. I have learned much by making many mistakes. The Lord is both gently and patient as He sanctifies me day by day - sometimes moment by moment. The topics listed below are a sampling of what I can bring to your event or small group.  In order to expand on topics, please feel free to read some of my Why Me Lord columns. The columns will give you a fresh insight into the kind of woman and speaker I am. If you are interested in having me speak for your event, please complete the form below and/or email me at lanasworkshop@citlink.net. I also speak to business groups using the four types of temperament to build stronger teams in the work environment.  Understanding the qualities (good and weak) of the Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and  Phlegmatic temperaments help in the hiring, training and human relationship aspects of any business or organization. To learn more about the three hour interactive workshop, please email me at lanasworkshop@citlink.net. Topics: Abundance: Hiding In Plain Site     (Where is God when we need Him? Why does it feel like I'm invisible to Him? God: The Master of Human Waste Management  (God wastes nothing - not  our pain, poor decisions , not one tear or heartache.) Mirror, Mirror ....  (God places human mirrors in each life.  That person who is generous ; the annoying person; the one with a critical spirit. Each person is strategically placed in our life to expose dark, dusty corners in our own lives) Building Teams with Difficult People (We are each born with a combination of temperaments that can't be changed. Each temperament is strong, loving, generous, creative - we just have to learn how to communicate with each in order to bring out the very best in them!) Scheduled Events: 2010
  • THIRST - BEAUTIFUL & NECESSARY:  February 28, 2010 @ MountianView Assembly, Capon Bridge, WV
  • February 28, 2009: Latte Women's Ministry at Victory Church, Winchester, Virginia (Abundance: Hiding in Plain Sight)
  • June 2009 : Source Office Suites, Reston, Virginia (Temperment Workshop)
  • October 2009: Source office Suites, Reston, Virginia (Temperament Workshop
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