To Leave or Stay

My company has recently changed hands and I don’t like the direction the new President is taking. He is replacing qualified, talented people with friends from his previous affiliation. I’m in sales and although continuing to exceed my sales quotas, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop. Should I begin to look elsewhere or just play the wait and see game? Your dilemma is not an uncommon occurrence in today’s corporate world. More and smaller companies are being swallowed up by larger companies all the time. The practice of a new President bringing some of his own people over to the new company has been a common practice for decades. It is hopefully a good business move since the President knows what he can expect from his existing colleagues. The hope is that he/she can increase the profit margin quicker with people he already knows rather than spend the time courting employees who might actually resent him/her. My advice from a practical perspective is to have an updated executive resume’ ready just in case the new regime doesn’t like how you part your hair. Regardless of how dynamic the new crew might be, there is always that “stinker” who comes in and wants your territory because it is an easier transition for them to make. Get the resume’ updated and then keep it ready for that unexpected phone call that suggests it is time to clean out your desk and move onto greener fields. If you already dislike the philosophy of business you see being instituted, I suggest that you get the resume’ out to some head hunters now. Have a dynamic executive summary written that motivates a  potential future employer to grant you an interview before he even gets to the more factual part of your resume’. In the interim, other than keeping your eye on the ball and continuing to produce at a high level, stay out of people’s faces. When you are ready to leave, you want to make sure you have a place to go – especially if you have a family to support.

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