Does a Web Page Help?

Do I need a web page for my business? Will it draw some business or will I just be giving in to a fad and wasting my money? According to a study endorsed by nationally known branding expert, Robert Krumroy – President of Identity Branding, the answer to having a web page is yes. The study recorded the following results: 1. 85% of desirable prospects and clients are Internet-connected 2. Over 51% of people between the ages of 55-70 are Internet –connected (they usually have the discretionary income to spend) 3. 86% of business owners prefer the Internet to other methods of communication 4. 41% of email users check email everyday Assuming that this study is accurate, analyze the market niche for your business.  • Does your customers fit into any or perhaps all of the above four categories? • Do you personally fit into any of the above categories? • How do you do your research? • Do you purchase products online? • Do you use email as your means of communication more than writing letters or even picking up the phone? Let’s assume that the answers to some of the above are yes and you decide that a web page is practical for your business. What’s your next step? Spend a little time determining what a potential customer would want to know about your business, your products, your services and yourself. Jot these down. Next, do you want to give information or do you want to actually sell from your web page? This decision will determine how interactive your web page needs to be in order to maximize customer attraction to your site. Gather any brochures, your business cards – anything that will communicate the heart of your business to a web designer. If you take the above information to a web designer, you will probably save a few dollars because you will save the designer some time. Remember to contract a web designer that has a reputation for excellence. Don’t just pick one out of the phone book.

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