Secret to Advertising

Business has dropped off for the past few months – probably due to the economy. Would it help if I advertised? Since it can be expensive, how often do you think I would have to do it in order to draw some business? Advertising only works when done repeatedly. Consider the commercials on television. Most of us can recite from memory various little ditties written years ago to sell a product that we may have never purchased ourselves. The repetition – whether in the newspaper, television, radio, Internet or phone book – is the key to making ones advertising investment produce a positive return. Since some aspect of every business involves sales, consider taking a percentage of every sale and banking it to pay for advertising. Also, determine which media form attracts your typical buyer. For example, if a large percentage of your buyers are retired, it is safe to assume they read the newspaper – word for word - like my mother. If sizable percentages are ages 20 to 40, the Internet may be the better choice. The phone book is also an option if there isn’t hundreds of the same product listed and your name can be listed closer to the top alphabetically. Whatever your media choice, consistency is what will bring the desired visibility and eventual success. Be faithful to put an ad weekly or monthly in whatever paper publication you choose or on the Internet site that proves it can draw thousands of new hits regularly. Since some business names give no indication of the product or service offered, please include these important facts along with at least one key benefit gained by your customers.  Color can be an advantage if placed in the middle of black and white ads. A black and white ad might catch a reader’s eye quicker if placed in the middle of color ads – my personal opinion. Since monies for advertising is frequently an issue, start small. It’s not always the size that brings business, but it is visibility over a long term which will create the desired results. As long as you can reach your typical buyer using a media choice he or she uses daily, when a need for your product or service surfaces, they will likely remember you and your ad. It takes time, so don’t stop advertising for any other reason than discovering that you picked the less effective resource to reach your buying public.

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