Is Goal Setting Necessary?

I was at a meeting recently with some other business owners and the conversation was all about goals. I have never written down specific goals and my business has done alright. Why should I even consider setting and writing out goals? You are fortunate that your business has done “alright” without ever writing out your goals along with the accompanying action plans. You’ve heard the saying I’m sure that if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there? Although your business has done fine without setting specific goals, perhaps it would do even better if you did. Setting goals you want to reach for a specific time frame and writing out the chronological steps to get there can save you time. If you know what your next step is you might find it less stressful to have the plan already in place so you don’t have to re-think every process before proceeding. If the steps are already known, most people would be able to move more quickly and efficiently through the process that will get you to the end result desired. Perhaps you are gifted in a way that most of us are not. Most of us need the thoughtful and visual activity of planning for results that will move our businesses – even our personal lives - forward. If you choose to try setting goals for 2008, I recommend that you make them a stretch while doable. Once you know what you want to accomplish, take the time to write out an action plan. An action plan is simply step by step of the chronological process that it will take to get you to your goal. Although your goal may not change throughout the year, know that the action plan could change some. An action plan is not static – thus the name “action” plan. Evaluate what you have in place already to begin the move toward accomplishing this goal. Start there and then adds the next step required, then the next and then the next. Set dates or at least limited time frames in which that step is to be completed. The dates are a way to keep you and others involved in the process accountable. Where there is no accountability the process will generally break down. I’m hopeful that you will at least consider setting goals this year. See what happens.

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