After Considering the Facts, Believe in Yourself

With the economy seemingly in the tank, I’m wondering if I made a serious miscalculation by going into business last year. Should I make some major changes? I could perhaps find a job doing something similar with a larger company. While waiting for my car to be serviced at Stutzman Chevrolet in Winchester last week, I picked up a newsletter that Jim Stutzman, Jr. writes monthly to his staff and makes available to the customers. I’ve asked his permission to quote him as my way of answering your question. “Sometimes when you are repeatedly bombarded with certain information, you can’t help but begin to believe the message despite what you are actually experiencing. For example, as bad as everyone says the car business has been, we experienced an increase in new and used vehicle sales this January and February over last year.” I happen to agree with Mr. Stutzman. Attitude is critical. Hopefully your attitude is not beyond repair at this point. If it is, than you should liquidate and do something different. But, as Mr. Stutzman says, “It is extremely important for all of us to be cautious of the media frenzy and remain focused on the realities of our own corner of the world.” Unfortunately, much of our population believes that if it is on television, it must be true. What they fail to recognize is that our media is also a business and thus required to create high listener ratings. They are aware due to extensive marketing research that if they don’t impact your emotions, you probably won’t tune into their program. As a business owner, consider that a quality product with consistent customer service and a fair price will grow your business over time. Even during the depression decades ago, there were businesses that survived and even grew while others fell apart. I’m sure some failed because they were no longer filling a market niche. On the other hand, I firmly believe that if we could have been a fly on the wall during those difficult days, many failed because they anticipated that they would fail. They simply gave into their fears. As Mr. Stutzman says at the end of his newsletter, “Make an effort to surround yourself with positive peers and stay away from the ‘whiners’ and ‘crybabies’ … be a builder, and not a destroyer of attitudes.”

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