How to Draw More Customers

I have a small business selling moderately priced custom jewelry. Sales are down substantially. Would adding different product with a lower price tag draw more customers? If you are known for a specific product and people aren’t breaking down the doors to get to you, you have a couple of things to consider. 1. Is the new product – though lower in price – of similar quality? You don’t want to mix junk with quality. You will taint your already established reputation for a high-end product and possibly lose some existing customers. 2. You will need to put some major effort into marketing the new product line. If old customers are unaware of the change, they won’t know to return for a “look-see” and/or bring their friends to check you out. 3. Marketing ideas: • Make phone calls to your existing customers and personally invite them to see the new changes to your product line. • If advertising in the local paper is an option, do so several times so that you are sure to catch the eye of both old and new customers. • Create a flyer, inexpensively on your own printer, to keep expenses down. Be sure to scan a couple of pictures onto the flyer – including their prices – when mailing to your old customers. The price tag will possibly motivate them to return for that needed “look-see”. At the same time, you expose them once again to the jewelry they enjoy so much. i. This does assume that you have kept some kind of written record of previous customers. Some small businesses do this, but others neglect this small necessity. Lacking records like this will hamper effective future marketing efforts. Marketing takes time. Don’t expect the impact of your marketing efforts to bring a deluge of customers immediately. Consistency in your marketing plan will eventually impact the business, but you must be patient. Your time and consistency are your most effective tools to an increase in sales. If you are willing to work at these recommendations, you will eventually experience success. You will probably – if your marketing plan works – experience an increase in volume that supplements your bottom line. The lower price tag could make the difference for you. Good luck.

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