Aggressive Marketing on a Budget

I have a small home business that has done well in the past simply through word of mouth.  Unfortunately, with my husband out of work, I need my business to grow beyond friends and neighbors. Do you have some inexpensive ideas for marketing? First, call your local newspaper and place a small ad. Do it in black and white, ask to be placed near similar or perhaps complimentary business ads that are in color and much larger, if possible. The key to advertising is ALWAYS consistency. Placing an ad for one week is a waste of money. Ask the sales person to discount the ad if you commit to a six month agreement. Like other businesses, newspapers struggle as well. Some money is always better than no money – even when you are larger.  Set yourself up on Facebook or Twitter. There are friends you will locate from years ago who now have new friends with additional friends who can become familiar with your business. The Internet is another word of mouth marketing tool – and it is free. .  There are web providers who will host a site for under $10 a month. Do a little research. Even your Phone Company will offer free web design. Even if your web page has only two pages, it is still business exposure for little to no cost. If your product or service lends itself to a workshop or seminar motif, volunteer to present at churches and non-profit organizational meetings. If your presentation is free, you are usually allowed to sell your product or service during and after the seminar/workshop. All organizations look for good presenters. They need to keep the interest of their members and volunteers just as you need to market your business. It takes preparation on your part to market this way, but it will bring exposure. • Keep your presentations to about 30 minutes using audience participation • Use power point or handouts for the participants  • Set up a table with your product or service so participants can buy from you Take business cards and a small, attractive portfolio into shops where your product or service would be complimentary but not competitive.  If you do all of the above, I promise you will get results. Desperation calls for desperate measures. Do them all.

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