Finding Your Talent

My husband lost his job recently and I have been looking for work outside the home. My husband says it isn’t economically feasible for me to work outside the home. We have three children and I am home schooling. What do I do? Every situation is different, but on the surface I would have to agree with your husband. If you discontinue home schooling, transportation to and from school, additional clothing and lunches are added expenses. Not to mention the energy required – after working all day - to help with homework. Unless you are skilled in a profession (i. e. accountant, doctor, attorney) it will be difficult to command enough net income to justify increased expenses for your clothing, transportation and meals. The net result may not be worth turning your family’s life upside down. I agree that some money is better than no money, but perhaps there is another approach. Carefully examine in-home options - little to no overhead – for additional income. How about: • Babysitting? o I’m told that once you have two children, one or two more isn’t much more work. • Do you have a nice phone voice? o Sales people are always looking for someone to make prospecting or follow up calls. All you need is a detailed script and your own personality.  • If you have Internet access, consider data entry work. o Insurance agencies, marketing firms and medical practices are potential sources for this kind of work – and it can be done from your home. • Do you make something (i.e. jewelry, hand bags, bread) that two or three other businesses might consider selling on consignment? o You may give 20 – 40 percent to the owner, but something is better than 100 percent of nothing. • Do you write? o Some sales people could sell igloos to Eskimos, but can’t write an effective letter or email. Check out any business that hires sales people. You could work for the business or just the sales person. o Again, insurance agencies, marketing and some retail firms might need someone to stuff envelopes or do mass email advertising. There is something out there for the majority of us – particularly in the service industries. It’s less expensive for an employer if you can work from home and be paid based on results. Good luck!

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