Media – Counter Productive Influence

I have eight managers who have been negatively impacted by all the bad economic news.  What can I do to motivate them? Motivation is temporary, at best. You might actually have a hiring problem. When work becomes challenging, the employee fit to a position clarifies itself. Let me explain. There are four basic temperaments: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and the Phlegmatic. Temperament is the raw material we’re born with as is our eye and hair color. Character and personality are determined by environment, education and life experiences. Temperament is passed onto us from our parents and two sets of grandparents. We typically have one primary temperament with one or more smatterings of the other temperaments sprinkled in for good measure. Our primary temperament is how we operate automatically – particularly when we are under pressure. For example, A Choleric will naturally take the lead if no one else does. If you want a temperament that attracts people to your business and someone who will make work a fun place to be every day, hire a Sanguine. If a position requires careful attention to detail, the Melancholy and the Phlegmatic are ideal.  If you have a group of very strong personalities, the Phlegmatic hire will help bond the group into a team. They can get along with anyone. Unfortunately, there is a downside to each temperament. The take charge Choleric can be quite bossy. The Sanguine has terrible follow-through. Because the Melancholy is so perfectly detail oriented, they are negative and critical of everyone else. The Phlegmatic can work with any of the other temperaments, but they possess low levels of motivation and energy. Consider the primary skill needed for each position. Hire to the strengths needed for the job and then hire and put in place enough support to neutralize the weaknesses. Put the Choleric in charge and pair them up with a Phlegmatic. The Phlegmatic will smooth ruffled feathers and be great with details on a project. Put the Sanguine out front with the public. The Melancholy works best alone and as a support for the Sanguine who will bring in the business, but allow the details to fall through the cracks. Give this method a shot!

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