Changes in the Business Landscape

With so many businesses closing their doors and with the cutbacks for other businesses that have managed to keep their doors open, how can we maintain a positive outlook? Businesses that have been around since I was a kid are now gone. It takes effort to remain positive in the face of an economic downturn as serious as this one is shaking out to be. Let’s look at some facts before we run screaming into the night that the sky is falling and we are being crushed. First fact: People need a variety of services. There will always be those who are not seriously impacted by times like these. These people will continue to go out to eat, want their cars washed, homes cleaned, yards manicured, children watched, papers filed and products sold. All of these services require the assistance of people like you and me. Maybe it’s not the job you have had for the past five years, but a job is a job in times like these. Second fact: If our house payment has become a burden such that we can’t feed our families or put gas in the car, we might need to move. Even if the house doesn’t sell due to a difficult real estate market, we still can leave and find affordable housing for our families. Third fact: If foreclosures and bad credit have forced us into bankruptcy, it’s not the end of the world. It may be the start of living within our means for the first time in our lives. Bankruptcy usually forces us into spending only when we have cash. When we don’t have cash, we can’t spend. Would that be such a bad habit to develop? Fourth fact: You are not alone. Hard times have fallen on a large majority of us. We don’t have to be embarrassed, but we can be kind and understanding toward others who are struggling. We can also give wherever we feel lead if we are one of the more fortunate Americans still working.   Comforting? Maybe for a few, but perhaps more importantly, these times can contribute to re-setting priorities and improving the quality of life.

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