Snow, Snow, Snow, Snow!

Beautiful, pure white, sparkling snow – that’s what makes the bitter, cold days of winter most tolerable – in my opinion. I’m quite aware that there are many who do not agree with me. You would prefer the bitter cold rather than deal with those delicate white flakes that drop from the heavens at least a couple of times each winter. I’d like to take this opportunity to present a different perspective on snow. Snow is one of those weather changes that are a natural instigator for fun, laughter and even a little romance. Are you ready? Initially I would like to address the fun and laugher. They come in prices, geographic locations and risk levels - and finally perhaps your own property. Each package – although wrapped in its own unique design – offers you and your family the same end result – fun and laughter. You might be saying “Yeh, right! I don’t own skis and I wouldn’t want to pay the fees it takes to learn to ski anyway.” And you don’t have to. This sport/recreation tend to draw people of all ages and economic status to an inexpensive; no skill needed – barrel of laughs. Snow tubing is all about the thrills of sledding - no lessons or expensive equipment - and the whole family can participate. It is one of the fastest growing winter sports in America – that’s because anyone can do it! All you have to do is hop in a big rubber tube – provided by the resort – hook on to a rope tow that will take you to the top of some hill. Once at the top, let go and slide down a hill in this rubbery cocoon screeching and laughing all the way back to the bottom. Clothing issues? Ralph Lauren need not apply here. Just layer up with whatever you have in your closet that will keep you warm and reasonably dry. Comfort is the mode of dress - style is completely irrelevant. Once dressed, all you need is a childlike spirit of adventure that is still alive and well in every one of us regardless of age and experience. Once that slick rubber tube and the snow connect, the kid in every one of us shows up to play. Although there may be some restrictions on the height of children if you participate in snow tubing at one of the resorts (41 to 44 inches), there aren’t any restrictions if you are fortunate to have some rolling hills on your own land or that of a neighbor. Now let’s consider the romantic aspect of snow. Do you have a fireplace or wood stove? If it isn’t stoked up, start one this evening. Turn the rest of the lights down low – just the glow of Christmas tree lights is enough to cast a romantic ambiance on the room. Then cuddle up next to your special someone. Turn on some soft Christmas music, oldies but goodies or even some calming classical music. Sometimes a little conversation works, but often the quiet, soft light and the flickering warmth of a fire when it is so cold outside is all the communication required. Snow is coming this winter. Why dread it? Why not prepare for it? Yes, we need wood for the fire, salt for the walkways, shovels and rubber boots. But we need so much more than that – we need to play and create opportunities for ourselves and others where laughter is fueled by childlike thrills and spills. We need to make memories of all kinds – whether sledding or the memory of a quiet evening alone with a good book in front of a fire. My favorite is the snuggle factor – whether it is snuggling with the love of your life or giggling little ones who will gladly tuck themselves in under your arm as you tell them a story about what it was like in the “olden days”. Let’s not leave out our pets. Our dog Haley loves nothing better than to stretch out in front of the fire in the evening. Sometimes her skin is almost hot to the touch, but you won’t convince her to move until the lights all go out for bed. Some of our companions with four legs can be the best example of how to appreciate a cold snowy evening in front of a fire. And boy does Haley love the snow. She won’t walk in the rain, but as soon as it snows, she wants out to play. If I haven’t changed your mind just a little, perhaps John Ruskin can. His views on weather are like mine. “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces up, snow is exhilarating; there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” Enjoy the snow this year – it only comes one season at a time!

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